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Who We Are

A bunch of new and experienced Hadoop, Spark, Big Data, Analytics and Data Science enthusiasts who want to learn, contribute, and network with others with similar interests. Our community includes open source enthusiasts, the academia, professionals, and companies including IBM, MetiStream, and DataCamp.

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Our Mission

Make Big Data and Data Science education available to everyone, and start a journey of discovery to change the world! Big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark paired with Cloud Computing can let even students explore data that can lead to important discoveries in the health industry, the environment, and any other area you can think of!

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Our Courses

They are mostly free, developed by experienced professionals and teachers, and nicely structured. Most courses include hands-on labs that you can perform on the Cloud, on Docker, or VMWare images, or by locally installing the required software. Pass the course test to print your certificate of completion, and to receive and industry-recognized badge!.

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What is Hadoop?

Akmal Chaudhri on Hadoop and Big Data

Akmal Chaudhri on Hadoop and Big Data

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According to our members…

  • It is the perfect web site to get into new technologies and have a hint of the main and newest projects around big data, open source… The material is really well organized and easy to understand and go through. The labs provide hands-on to the technologies guide you step bu step in the different tasks.

  • I found the tutorial very useful, with step-by-step explanations. The course material manages to cover a large spectrum of aspects, both architectural and operational, in dense short lessons. The labs provide practical end-to-end examples .

  • Dear all, The course is excellent because it saves time from reading big books to learn Hadoop. I prefer agile practice: try to achive small results ASAP. I didn’t know anything about Hadoop two months ago. But these two months were enough for me to create 7 nodes Hadoop cluster which everyday computes recommendations for our site…